Eco Club


A active and vibrant Eco-Club is functioning in the college for creating awareness on various ecological issues and to take actions to improve the natural environment. Activities such as celebration of various environmentally related days, cleanliness drives in premises and adjoining areas, plantations drives in the nearby areas, quizzes, exhibitions and competitions are organized throughout the year

Aims & Objectives

  • 1. To create awareness amongst the students and society on current environmental issues
  • 2. To motivate the students to keep their surroundings clean and green
  • 3. To instill a sense of responsibility in the students of the national environment

Member List

Sr No. Name
1 Dr Pomy Bansal
2 Ms. Bindu Garg


'Jungle Trip' was organized under हरिता- ECO CLUB SSD GIRLS' COLLEGE, BATHINDA

Under the able guidance of Principal Dr. Neeru Garg, A Forest Walk was conducted under the newly formed "Harita" ECO Club. Gobindpura (Jhiri) was visited on 29-10-2023 organised by"SOCH"(Society for Environment conservation and healing) and "Tree Lovers Society" Bathinda. Dr. Balwinder Singh Lakhewali and Brijmohan Bhardwaj of "SOCH" are very famous and renowned environmentalists.

He shared his knowledge about the flora and fauna of the sand dunes of Malwa region with everyone. He told that at some time fox and wolf were also seen in Gobindpura (Jhiri). This forest is also home to many migratory birds. He highlighted the importance of very old trees like wild Kikar, Karir, Van and Pilu in our lives and gave first-hand information about them to the students.

He further explained the importance of biodiversity and said that "humans, even snakes, have no right to destroy it". Because this will destroy the natural food chain and may also cause environmental disasters. 40 students enjoyed this nature walk for the first time.

The objective of this Eco Club of the college - "Harita" is to connect the young generation with the natural environment, one of its many objectives, which was tried to be fulfilled well. Dr. Pomy Bansal (Convenor), Ms. Monica Kapoor, Ms. Bindu Garg and Ms. Manju Rani, club members were involved in successfully carrying out this walk.

Saint Baba Gurmeet ji inspired the youth with his words and on his behalf, langar of Sarso kaa saag, makki di roti and lassi was also served to the students.

College President Advocate Sh. Sanjay Goyal, General Secretary Sh. Vikas Garg and College Principal Dr. Neeru Garg appreciated this new beginning and wished the club to carry out more such activities in future for holistic development of students.

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