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Shri Sanatan Dharam Girls’ college

buildingS.S.D. Girls’ College was founded in the year 1966 by Shri Sanatan Dharam Sabha. It is now one of the best known colleges of Punjab. It has been accredited with ‘A’ Grade by NAAC. It is affiliated to Punjabi University, Patiala. Situated in the heart of the city, it is spread over an area of 5 acres. It has seventeen lecture theatres, 3 triple-storeyed hostels with a capacity to accommodate 300 students, well equipped labs including 3 Science labs, language lab, Home Science and Home Management Labs, a spacious and rich library equipped with books,Journals, Magazines and Newspapers p>

It has well experienced as well as qualified staff and a dedicated Managing Committee. The college aims at scaling new heights of progress and touching new zeniths of glory under Sh. Som Nath Baghla (Sen. Adv.) as President and Sh. Jatinder Kumar Gupta, General Secretary of the Managing Committee of the college.


The mission of SSDGC is not only to provide quality education to the students but also inculcate in them a sense of self-sufficiency, a sense of civic responsibility and to help them in achieving economic emancipation. It also aims at instilling in them the ethical values of life, patriotism and discipline to make them useful citizens of great India.

Every student receives individual attention and complete record of their activities is kept & necessary information is given to their parents/guardians at regular intervals. The parents and guardians are expected to meet the subject teachers on the day of parent-teacher meeting to acquaint themselves with the detailed progress of their wards.

With the help of highly qualified & dedicated staff, the college has set a high standard of education and its scholars have been achieving top positions in various examinations of the University year after year. In the session 2014-15, six of our students were placed in the university merit list.

Our Shining Stars

  • Shelja

    Position:-5th in Merit in Punjabi Uni. Patiala

  • Kamaldeep

    Position:5th in Merit in Punjabi Uni. Patiala

  • Sapna

    Position:- 6th in Merit in Punjabi Uni. Patiala

  • Babbal Preet

    Position:-70% in B.Sc.(CSM) Sem-II

  • Harjot Kaur

    Position:-1st with 81.1% in B.Sc.(CSM) Sem-II

  • Navdeep Kaur

    Position-2nd with 71.3% in B.Sc.(CSM) Sem-II

  • Sherry

    Position: 1st in B.Com Sem:IV

  • Vipneet kaur

    Position:-1st in B.Com Sem-2

  • Nidhi Bansal

    Position:-2nd in B.Com Sem-2

  • Kajal Gupta

    Position:-1st in B.Com

  • Arshdeep Kaur

    Position:3rd in B.Com Sem-II

  • Chuninder

    Position:-2nd in B.Com Sem-II

  • Neeru

    Position:-3rd in B.Com Sem-III

  • Meghna

    85% in B.Com Sem-II

  • Taniya Tayal

    2nd In B.Com Sem-IV

  • Youth Festival 2015-16

    Position 3rd in Rangoli competition in Youth Festival 2015-16

  • Sarbjeet Kaur

    NCC National Games 2015-16 U/O Sarbjeet Kaur(NCC Cabet) Position:- 2nd in Kabaddi

  • Shailja

    Position: 1st Percentage:-8.86 M.Com

  • Manpreet

    Position- 2nd Percentage:- 8.60 M.Com

  • Neetika

    Position-2nd Percentage:- 8.64 M.Com

  • Diksha

    Position-3rd Percentage:- 8.55 M.Com

  • Harjot

    Position-3rd Percentage:- 8.40 in M.Com-II Sem-3rd

  • Tejinder

    Position-3rd Percentage:- 8.55 M.Com

  • Pritibha

    Position - 3rd Percentage :- 8.40 in

  • Shilpa

    M.Sc(IT) Sem-III Position- 1st Percentage -79%

  • Shaffi

    M.Sc(IT) Sem-III Position- 2nd Percentage- 78.83%

  • Harjinder Kaur

    M.Sc(IT) Sem-IV Position- I (83%)

  • Shilpa Mangla

    M.Sc(IT) Sem-IV Position- II (77%)

  • Saloni Singla

    M.COM Part-II (Sem-IV) secured 3rd position in merit Punjabi Uni. Patiala

  • Gazal Mittal

    M.COM Part-II (Sem-IV) secured 4th position in merit Punjabi Uni. Patiala

  • Shelja

    B.Com(Professional) Sem-4 1st Position in Punjabi University Patiala

  • Sapna Rani

    B.Com(Professional) Sem-4 3th Position in Punjabi University Patial

  • Kamaldeep Kaur

    B.Com(Professional) Sem-4 8th Position in Punjabi University Patiala

  • Shailja

    8.80 CGPA has stood first in M.Com

  • Anju Bala

    8.60 CGPA, has stood 2nd in M.Com.

  • Suman Panday

    Position:-3rd, Percentage:- 8.40 CGPA in M.Com-II Sem-III

  • Anshu Sharma

    Position:- 1st Percentage :- 80% B.Sc(CSM)- 1st year, Sem- I

  • Navdeep Kaur

    Position:- 2nd Percentage :- 76.66% B.Sc(CSM)- 1st year, Sem- I

  • Suman

    Position:- 3rd Percentage :- 72.22% B.Sc(CSM)- 1st year, Sem- I

  • Shehnaz

    Position : 1st Percentage : 72.5% M.A(English) Sem-I

  • Karmjeet Kaur

    Position : 2nd Percentage : 70% M.A(English) Sem-I

  • Manpreet Kaur

    Position : 2nd Percentage : 70% M.A(English) Sem-I

  • Manu Tuli

    Position- 13th B.A.- I Year In Punjabi University, Patiala

  • Amritveer Kaur

    M.A.-I (Hindi) Ist Position with 85%

  • Rajni

    M.A. (Hindi)-I 2nd Position with 77.5%

  • Reena

    M.A.(Hindi)-I 3rd Position with 75%

  • Meenu

    M.A.(Hindi)-I 3rd Position with 75%

  • Neetu Bala

    M.A.(Hindi)-I 3rd Position with 75%

  • Pancy

    M.Sc(Maths)-2nd Sem-IV 3rd Position with CGPA- 7.6

  • Sukhvir Kaur

    B.Sc (CSM)-II, Sem -IV 1st Position with 75.3%

  • Anshu

    B.Sc (CSM)-I Sem-II 1st Position with 70.8%